Interior Design


Interior design is changing...

Everyone deserves a home that make them feel happy, inspired, and safe. At Red Designed Interiors we believe design should be accessible to all people, regardless of age, location, budget, or other factors. We're committed to helping our clients create spaces that excite them and bring them closer to their family and friends.

Who do we work with?

People are capable of amazing things and in this day and age of technology, you can learn how to do almost anything. While we have plenty of clients who hire contractors to do the heavy lifting, we've seen a shift towards people learning new skills and taking on projects themselves on nights and weekends. Our clients are interested in being hands-on, comfortable following a detailed plan, and appreciate making their own customized timelines. 

Our process

We create executable design plans for our clients to take and implement - this creates flexibility and consequently reduces stress. We take all the guesswork out of design, creating comprehensive, details design files that include step-by-step recommended timelines, sketches, material boards, and specifications. Once our design files are complete we present the client with all the information and the ball is in their court. Whether all aspects of a project are executed right away or a incremental approach is taken, the client is in control with no pressure. We understand that situations can change in the blink of an eye and flexibility is one of our core values. There are dozens of different ways to accomplish a design goal; let us help you find your way.

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Al la carte and Add-on Services

Custom Artwork & Murals

What is placed on your walls is just as important as the color they are painted. Whether you can't find anything you love in stores or you want something that no one else has, our in-house artist will meet with you to explore one-of-a-kind options to make your project unique.

Material Boards

Too many options have you overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Our Material Boards will show you our recommendations for finishes, furniture, accessories, and other items to get you started in the right direction.

Conceptual Sketches

Sketches bring ideas to life. We'll draw out your existing space and then sketch out our recommendations complete with color and textures.