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Interior Design


Interior design is changing...

So you're tired of your master bedroom that hasn't changed since 2010, you've decided it's time to finally switch out that light fixture in the dining room that was there when you moved in and it's officially time to do something about your dysfunctional living room that no one in the family uses.

You scour Pinterest, find some rooms you love and head to The Home Depot to pick out paint. How are there so many colors? Why are there 700 shades of white? It's just white? Not to be dissuaded you move on to your favorite furniture store - you are bound to find the perfect sofa there. Except how do you choose? This one is comfy but too big, this one's too deep, this one only comes in velvet. Do you want velvet? You haven't even picked out a wall color, how are you supposed to pick furniture colors? What if it doesn't go together? You have to swing by Target anyway and those home decor aisles are just too tempting. There are new pillows and bedspreads - you love all of it! But does it go with anything you have? Do you need to get all new furniture? That's going to cost a fortune. Is this all a waste of money?

That evening you find yourself looking at your Pinterest board. The romantic bedroom you can escape to. The welcoming dining room that even get the kids excited about family dinners. The living room that effortlessly handles movie and game weekends, girl's night-in and playdates. How did they do it? The end result is beautifully functional but the path to get there feels overwhelming and almost impossible. 

It is possible.

What you need is an overall concept and a plan to get you to the finish line.

That's where we come in.

Where you see challenges, we see opportunities. We'll work with you to translate your needs and desires into physical spaces that make you smile every time you come home. 

The best part? You'll enjoy the process! Taking your inspiration and the ideas in your head and bringing them to life through material boards, sketches and recommended furniture and accessories means you're in charge of the design and constantly involved - without getting overwhelmed.

At the end you'll have a fully customized Design File that shows you the potential of your home and how to bring it to life. 

We offer different levels of service to fit all types of projects and budgets.

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