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Bedroom Interior

Our Story

Aurelia Vining and Jacqueline Harbin met while they were both attending Chaminade University in Honolulu, Hawaii after their spouses were stationed on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Aside from the physical similarities, the two had a lot of other things in common: both were prior service Army, were dedicated to any project they took on, and were interested in creating spaces that would improve the lives of those who use them. 

From the very beginning, school projects turned into extra-curricular design projects for real clients, including high rise condominium lobbies, residential installs, and redesigning the interior space for Magnum Helicopter Tours. The partnership was clearly a success and the two made it official in January 2021, officially forming Red Designed Interiors LLC. In the Summer of 2021, Aurelia moved to San Antonio, Texas and Jaci moved to Raeford, North Carolina and a new phase of life began.

At its core, Red Designed Interiors is a partnership that leans on the strengths of each designer. Collaborative efforts mean multiple eyes see each challenge and differing personalities come up with different solutions. Jaci and Aurelia and committed to helping their clients create homes that inspire, making unique spaces that bring people together. Both designers enjoy working with their hands and creating projects from scratch and enjoy working with clients who have the same interests. 

"I love the uniqueness of every project as it caters to the personality and lifestyle of the individuals we work with It's that unique individuality that allows me to be creative, designing new ways to make a space functional. Refreshing existing items or using them in a totally new way to personalize a design brings so much character into the space, and something I love to incorporate when possible and appropriate. In order to make a house a home and a safe haven, it needs to support your needs which helps you feel emotionally connected to it. Beautiful, functional spaces make lives better on every level. It's why I enjoy design so much!"

"Visually pleasing, aesthetically nice to look at...call it what you want, I love beautiful things. And I appreciate functionality. A tool that makes my job easier, a space that makes me more efficient - count me in. But I've seen plenty of gorgeous rooms that were vapid and way too many functional spaces that felt sterile. The idea that these two attributes aren't mutually exclusive was what drew to design in the first place. I create multi-faceted interiors that are just as stunning, hard-working, and confident as the people who use them."