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Blooming Imagination: where daydreams are boundless

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Remember as a kid, grabbing your favorite book, snuggling into comfy blankets nestled against the wall and letting your imagination run wild? The words leapt off the page, transforming into larger-than-life moving images more real than any movie. Ah, the good ole' days. What if your childhood bedroom had wholeheartedly encouraged a love of reading and getting lost in fantasy worlds?

Who exactly is the client? A bubbly, almost-1o-years-old girl who loves to read, paint and design...and knows exactly what she wants. We wish all of our clients were so decisive and confident in their choices! The only request? "I want a red room." Can do!

3D sketch of a girl's bedroom with cream and red walls, pink accent flowers and custom built-in bookshelves and loft bed. The room has dark hardwood flooring, a pink and white area rug and gold decorative accents.
It all started with a sketch...

It started with a sketch to get her approval and when she loved it, everything was selected and ordered within days. Her parents are our favorite kind of clients: hands-on and fully capable of bringing projects to life. The paint jobs are top-notch and that built-in bookshelf is nothing short of incredible.

Red, white and pink girl's bedroom with accent flowers painted on the walls and board and batten at the bottom. Dusty pink drapes cover the window while a built-in bookshelf and custom loft bed anchor the space.
Imagination in full bloom!
Dark red board and batten and bookshelf back wall is offset with creamy white walls. Bold pink and light, pale lilac chrysanthemums are painted on the upper walls.
Bright pink and pale lilac chrysanthemums create a middle ground, bridging the color gap between the dark red board and batten and creamy upper walls.
A custom built loft bed is painted bold red with gray bedding and storage poufs. There is pale pink tulle underneath, softening the lines of the bed and wall. The closet doors have chalkboard paint on the innermost panels.
A custom loft bed is painted a timeless shade of ruby, softened by pale pink tulle.

Red can be a challenging color to work with, too much and it's overwhelming, too little and it comes across as uncertain and tentative. Creating something bold, yet delicate is a tall order, best accomplished by combining tints and shades of the same hue while mixing different textures to create a layered effect. We love contrast between the strong lines of custom loft bed with the gossamer tulle and the way the walls playfully interpret ombre with deep red fading up to feminine chrysanthemums on a creamy background.

The best part about this bedroom? It easily matures with our novelist-in-training, adapting and growing up with her as she explores the world around her.

Upper Wall Paint: Behr Falling Snow

Accent Wall Paint: Behr Ballerina Tutu

Lower Wall & Bookshelf Back Paint: Behr Dark Crimson

Loft Bed Paint: Behr Timeless Ruby

Rug: Lark Manor Cabello Oriental Pink/White Area Rug from Wayfair

Floor Lamp: Dellemade Sputnik 4 Floor Lamp from Amazon

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