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Final Deck Reveal - Outdoor Design Series, Pt 1

Summer might not officially start til the end of June, but the rules don't apply here in the South where it hit 90 degrees for the first time in the middle of May. Instead of being in denial about the inevitable triple digit temps, we've decided to embrace it and want to help you do the same! Over the next several weeks we'll be sharing several outdoor projects that will help get your porch, deck, and backyard in tiptop shape just in time for all those Summer soirees...or just hanging out with your dog. We won't judge.

And what better way to start off our 7 Part Outdoor Design Series than with a transformation that will absolutely knock your socks off? In the upcoming weeks we'll be sharing the details for all the pieces you see below, so be sure to check back soon!

Beck deck painted blue, there is a gray outdoor daybed with red-orange cushions and sheer white drapes, a tan and black wicker egg chair and woven footstool. There are several small tables with flowers and herbs.
The back deck is officially finished! It's absolutely one of my favorite spaces in the entire house.

I'd love to tell you that all of this came together in a week, but if you've spent any time at all in the design world, you know that's not what happened. The deck was finally painted the middle of October but the weather was starting to cool off - not exactly inspirational when it comes to designing an outdoor space. So Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's Day all came and went with a few bouts of ice and snow thrown in for good measure. At the beginning of March the temperature was warm enough during the day that it felt like I needed to revisit the this open-air room and turn it into something incredible.

To fully appreciate this difference, you have to see what it looked like before! Talk about a transformation!

First and foremost, I pulled the trigger on ordering the egg chair. I knew they had sold out in years past and I didn't want to miss my chance. I loved it on the website and when it arrived less than 2 days later, I fell in love all over again. The light wicker and black metal frame of the chair is reversed in the woven stool that can serve as an additional seat for larger crowds. The two-tone planter table is an easy weekend project that lets you add flowers without taking up additional floorspace - I'll show you how to make it in Part 5.

Tan and black wicker egg chair with cream cushions and a woven footstool. There is a black and tan side table with flowers to the left.
I have wanted one of these chairs for a long time. It's the perfect place to curl up and watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee or catch up with friends on FaceTime with a glass of wine.

Next I got to work creating the daybed using a twin bed frame one of Mr. Harbin's co-workers gave us (I'll show you how I made it in Part 3!). The daybed itself is quite wonderful, but it's really the sheer drapes and bright cushions that make it extraordinary. I kept envisioning this scene from The Great Gatsby and the final piece really lives up to it's inspiration.

Sheer drapery scene from the movie The Great Gatsby.
Gray daybed with red-orange cushions and sheer white drapes.
Reality exceeded expectations with this daybed.

Cheerful red-orange cushions, sheer drapes, a slide-under table - it's the perfect place to enjoy dinner or catch up with your best friend with a glass of wine.

Medium sized reddish brown miniature Australian Shepherd sitting on an outdoor daybed with red-orange cushions and a yellow throw pillow. Sheer white drapes crisscross in the front.
Officially puppy approved.

The big pieces of furniture are important, but the it's the plants and accessories that complete the space. Whether it's holding plants or drink coolers, the extra storage makes sure the deck stays organized.

Handmade black and tan outdoor shelving unit with flowers, galvanized tubs to hold drinks, and other accessories.
This handmade shelving unit is perfect for housing flowers and outdoor party essentials, ensuring the deck says nice and organzied.

Powder-coated plant stands make use of the vertical space and provide shade for herbs and other plants.

Black plant stands holding assorted herbs and flowers on a blue deck.
Here's to hoping the Planta app helps me keep these herbs (and everything else!) alive.

The finished deck is an inviting and relaxing space filled with greenery and the unlimited potential to make memories. It's easily one of my favorite places in the entire house!

Next week, I'll show you how I transformed the original deck from a half-stained, half raw wood structure to this blue color...and in the coming weeks I'll be sharing how I made the daybed, tables, and shelving! See you soon! Follow us on Instagram @reddesignedinteriors for all the latest tutorials!

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