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Framing Your Bathroom Mirror

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Do you have a builder grade mirror you want to update? So did we!

This project took about a four hours total to complete and cost about 30 bucks!! A quick and easy six step process - too easy!

This is how we did it...

Step one: Take Measurements

Take the measurements of your mirror and and develop an idea. Think about the details: frame thickness, should it go all the way around the mirror, those kinds of things. I wanted mine to be fairly thin because I knew I was painting the frame black and I didn’t want my vanity mirror to feel heavy.

Once you have a plan then head to your lumber store to find trim. I had about an inch clearance around my mirror to add trim before I ran into the wall and the light fixture, so my design allows the trim to come 1/2" over the mirror edge. It makes it look finished without taking away from the mirror size.

Step Two: Fabricate Frame Pieces

In order to compensate for the 1/4" thickness of the mirror I purchased 1/4 inch thick multi-purpose strips to go behind my 1 1/2" trim piece. This makes the frame flush on the mirror. Use wood glue and attach the pieces, clamp them to each other and let it completely dry. I left mine overnight just to be safe.

Step Three: Remove Light Fixture

First things first: turn the power off prior to removal - flip the breaker and confirm that the power is off. My light fixture was actually crooked, so this process needed to be done anyway. If you have a light like mine: remove the lightbulbs, then pulled the bulb supporting pieces off, and remove the frame from the wall. Use caution and try not to touch any of the ground wires, I turned off the power but I’m partial to NOT being electrocuted and steered clear of the wire. Clean all the light fixture frame pieces well with some vinegar and water if needed and set them aside to dry.

Step Four: Light Fixture Refresh

I used Rust-oleum, flat black spray paint, and sprayed all my pieces lightly with one coat. I let that dry for about an hour and then went back and did a second coat. I didn’t think I needed a full third coat so I did touch-ups as needed. Let those pieces dry completely before touching.

Step Five: Cut Frame Pieces

I did 45 degree angle cuts on my corners to make it look more finished. I’d recommend doing your side pieces first then cut the top and bottom. I used Brad nails, as well as construction adhesive on the backside of the frame to make sure it adhere to the wall and stay in place.

Fill all the holes that were made from the nails with a little bit of caulking and then touch up the paint. To do this I just sprayed some of the spray paint into a solo cup and used a small paintbrush to go over the caulk once it dried.

Step Six: Decorative Tape Accent

About two months ago I purchased some 1/2" gold mylar tape off Amazon for another project. I figured I'd use it to trim the light fixture - help it blend with the cabinet hardware. Worked like a charm and will work great until we're able to replace the light fixture. I also added the mylar tape to the tops of my new towel towel knobs, and I absolutely love how they turned out!

Step Seven: Re-attach Light Fixture

Replace your light fixture doing the same steps you took to remove it ,but in reverse. Replace the lightbulbs, switch the breaker back on to make sure everything works normally. Style as desired, step back, and admire your quick hands-on vanity mirror update.

We'd love to see your new-to-you mirror updates! Tag us @reddesignedinteriors and #reddesignedfurniture #reddesignedtutorials. Happy updating!

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