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Warm Mediterranean

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

We couldn't think of a better design style than a Warm Mediterranean one for the hot (SUPER HOT!) summer month of July! This strictly cosmetic project, intended for the coastal city of Galveston, Texas, is for a potential Airbnb with great views and beach access! Follow us this month for creative inspiration as we create an airy indoor/outdoor vibe with a bold twist of color and design!

Where the effortless comfort and easy-going personality of outdoor entertaining transition inward, evoking a feeling of comfort. This warm Mediterranean style welcomes everyone, creating an atmosphere any vacation home should possess! With natural textiles and catching color combinations, this rental will be exactly what the soul desires, leaving guests satisfied and rejuvenated!

Visually tantalizing! Dive into a Mediterranean dream where a mesmerizing blend of textiles, textures, and rich colors come alive. Let the vibrant hues and luxurious fabrics transport you to a world filled with warmth, charm, and endless inspiration.


Captivating guests as they enter this Airbnb is high on our list of things to accomplish with this design. Creating a welcoming space that has a pop of warm color with a relaxed, easy-going personality lets visitors know they can relax and be themselves!

A warm hue complimented by a vibrant blue welcomes guests and sets the tone for a fun relaxing experience.

Game Room

With walls cloaked in rich turquoise and pops of orange throughout, this game room is sure to entertain guests of all ages. Adults are sure to enjoy a game of pool and a friendly wager while watching the game while kids pursue a variety of board games, play with oversized wall tic-tac-toe or curl up on the plush window seat with a book. Love the look? Check out SideDoor to see how you can make some of these pieces your own.

Rendering showing a game room with turquoise walls, light green ceiling, and pops of bright orange. A pool table, tv, wall tic-tac-toe game and plenty of storage makes it perfect for guests of all ages.
When you're done spending time at the beach, retreating to this rental's bold, yet inviting game room feels like a whole separate part of your vacation has started.

Living Room

Create a look that packs adventure and relaxation together, and your views won’t end when you step inside! With warm hues and a multitude of choices when it comes to seating, this living room space will allow the beach festivities to continue as our guests move indoors.


Bold is the name of the game for this beach vacation rental kitchen - we believe that where you stay on vacation should feel larger than life and leave a lasting impression. A bespoke watercolor mural adds a playful touch to brick-hued cabinets while patterned and textured tiles add depth. Top that off with turquoise accents and you’ve got a space that’s sure to inspire you to make all sorts of incredible meals.

Rendering of a kitchen showing dark red lower cabinets, warm beige upper cabinets, a dark brick-inspired backsplash and turquoise accents.
Rich lower cabinets balanced with lighter uppers sandwich patterned and textured tiles giving your eye plenty to look at.
Kitchen rendering showing dark red cabinets, an orange watercolor mural on the wall and ceiling and turquoise accents.
A custom watercolor mural adds a playful pop of personality at the bar wall and kitchen ceiling.

We might be getting tired of the heat but this bold vacation rental makes us want to soak up Summer for as long as it lasts!

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