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Contemporary Coastal Design

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

We might be a little biased but there isn't much better than Spring down South (at least once the pollen goes away). This May we'll be highlighting the Contemporary Coastal style for a home in Beaufort, SC - which just so happens to be where one of our designers is planning on retiring. Inspired by the natural beauty of the waterfront, expect to see plenty of organic shapes and colors found in nature.

Located on the coast of South Carolina about an hour and a half South of Charleston, Beaufort has all the appeal of it's larger sister cities with all the charm of small town living. Known for it's hospitality, easy-does-it pace and, of course, stunning beaches, waterfront and Spanish moss-lined Oaks, Beaufort is the perfect place to put down roots.

Embracing the laid-back atmosphere of the location, this updated coastal style is all about simplicity, nature and having a sense of humor. Pair shades of blue with neutrals and a few contrasting pops for an effortless look while using natural materials and clean lines to keep things from becoming cluttered.

This post contains affiliate links that Red Designed Interiors may receive a commission from should you choose to order something we suggest - rest assured we only recommend items we personally hand-pick!

Master Bedroom

Creating a relaxing space that leans into this coastal location without feeling to, ah, shall we dare to say tacky, can be a tall order. The headboard accent wall features a geometric wood slats, taking full advantage of the high ceilings and anchoring the room with a darker color. The combination of warm leather, gauzy linen and thoughtfully added pops of color creates a space that balances masculine and feminine features. The Venetian windows proved a challenging architectural feature, drapes tended to obscure it - a real tragedy considering the stunning stained glass - while roman shades alone made the wall feel like an afterthought. By continuing the same grayish-blue color, the windows get to shine in all their glory, becoming an integral part of this design.

Love the nightstand? Want some Contemporary Coastal décor recommendations? Check out our Sidedoor Collection for this room!

Dining Room

A great entertaining space is important in any house, but holds an extra special place in the hearts of our southern hospitality friends. This coastal dining room feels sophisticated, yet relaxed enough that dinner guests feels comfortable, as warmer tones ground the space, light and airy selection adorn the walls and windows, keeping the space soft and inviting. When paired with beautiful lighting and playful table settings, the stage is set for a memorable gathering with friends and family.

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Let's be honest, whether you enjoy cooking or not, we all spend a LOT of time in the kitchen. We like to thing that an effortlessly chic and functional space just might make us enjoy the never-ending process of putting away groceries, cooking meals and cleaning up. Navy and white swivel rattan stools at the island add depth while splashes of blue at the cabinets and backsplash add color to an otherwise neutral space. Whether its breakfast for two, packing lunches or a dinner party, this breezy kitchen can do it all.

Coastal inspired kitchen with cream white walls, light blue cabinetry and gray-blue tile backsplash.
This contemporary coastal kitchen mixes shades of blue with creamy white to create an effortless, yet functional, space.

Coastal inspired kitchen with wood floors, navy and white rattan barstools, blue-gray ceramic tiles and blue pendant lights.
Blue pendant lights, glazed ceramic tiles and breezy rattan barstools - it's the details that make this kitchen special.

⁠Guest Suite

Our coastal dream home has the best multi-purpose space that works perfect as a guest suite/rentable space. Updated with a custom headboard design that adds depth and reflected light, open the space, making it feel larger and brighter. All the complimentary shades of blue softly keep our guests relaxed even when they leave the beach. When paired with the darker wood tones a richness and warmth is added to the space, making you want to snuggle in and completely enjoy your stay.

A mix of pattern with pops of complimentary color creates a space that feels relaxed while capturing your attention, moving your eye through this beautiful well thought out space.

Love what you see? Check out our SideDoor link for more information on some of our selections.

Living Room

Our coastal inspired living room is effortlessly sophisticated, striking the perfect balance between comfort and unique design. Such a large space benefits from having separate zones which are created with different groups of seating. The deep blue-gray fireplace becomes a focal point thanks to additional trim that compliments the intricate crown molding. With a few simple touches, this space will instantly become a favorite place to relax and entertain. Whether you're watching tv or enjoying an evening by the fireplace, the drapes and seating options provide an extra layer of comfort and warmth.

Living room rendering showing brick colored drapes, cream walls and blue-gray fireplace and banquets. Different groups of seating create zones for entertaining, relaxing and watching tv.
Our contemporary coastal living room features a trim-laden fireplace that contrast beautifully with the brick-colored linen drapes.
Rendering of a living room with blue-gray fireplace, blue sofa and wood and rattan coffee table and accent chairs.
Whether you're watching tv or just enjoying the fireplace, there's a seat for everyone.

Want to add something to your own space? We've got all the details here!

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