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Modern Log Cabin

Updated: Mar 30

When we think of a cabin, we think retreat - a get-a-way that rejuvenates the soul so that we can carryon with the daily grind. Cabins are one of the most sought after vacation rentals. This one is set in a premier location, with tons to do around the city and even more to do outside! We've taken the traditional cabin and added a modern vibe that give the guest a feeling of luxury while enjoying all the relaxation and natural environment of a cabin in the woods.

To pull off a cabin rental that is booked year long, we intend to focus on areas where extra charm and warmth make the biggest impact - the living room, outdoor space, a game room, and the master suite. Our focus...making these spaces feel open, natural, and cozy with warm tones and furniture that support togetherness, making the most out of the time spent with family and friends.

Bringing the two styles, modern and rustic together, you can expect to see bold and interesting lighting. A strong use of natural materials and patterns. Using mirrors help open the space and support a more modern look. You'll see greenery that compliments the outdoors that surrounds the home.

Living Room

In our living space there is a passthrough window from the kitchen that we decided to focus on. Bleeding the kitchen function (dining) into the living space adds a multi-facet functionality to the space, blurring the lines of traditional uses. This adds a limitless vibe to the purpose of a vacation - escaping the "norm" and focusing on togetherness with family and friends.

Creating the bar, mirror, and staging an oversized planter against the existing wall with multiple cutouts, give the space a sense of harmony by adding purpose to the otherwise awkward holes in the wall.


Enhancing the ambiance of this bedroom with a striking black focal wall brings depth and visually delineates the suite, resulting in an opulent master bedroom that exudes sophistication and offers an array of top-notch amenities. The breathtaking views, well-stocked bar, and elegant seating arrangements further promote a sense of tranquility, allowing guests to bask in the scenic beauty, unwind, and fully immerse themselves in the unique experiences of the day while indulging in the exclusivity of this exceptional suite.

Game Room

Experience the ultimate in luxury with this fully furnished log cabin rental. Unwind in a versatile game room where you can engage in friendly rivalry, whether it's a spirited game of shuffleboard or reliving your childhood memories with a game of connect four. Indulge in relaxation and cherish the precious moments shared with your loved ones.

Outdoor Space

On vacation, we adore an exceptional outdoor area. It allows us to escape the limits of enclosed spaces and relish in nature while still having access to modern conveniences. Whether it's lounging under the covered sitting section, basking in the sun on the reclining chairs, or unwinding in the hot tub, this space is perfect for creating relaxed and pleasurable memories.

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