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Traditional Design

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

June starts our new design style, and we are excited to share this traditional design for a late 1960’s home. With corky, unique spaces, we’re certain there will be something that will inspire you and maybe even convince you to choose a traditional style for your space. We love the venturous character of this homes design, so you can expect to see pops of bright and saturated hues, with ornate accessories and fixtures. This style is all about bringing character to forefront with charming, tasteful expression. Stay tuned as we update this post every week this month with helpful, beautiful designs!

Creating a welcoming and charming space that’s traditional at heart with a flare for the unexpected. We’re focusing on patterns with a mix of color and scale to bring an exciting, yet relaxed vibe that will simultaneously intrigue and comfort guests.

Showcasing collections and artifacts from travels, this design displays the items that define the character and personality of the host without boasting.

In order for our designers to create a cohesive design that is personalized and tailored to our clients, we put together a list of words and small phrases that describe them and the way they live. For this traditional design style we are incorporating the essence of traditional design with a home built for entertaining is the perfect combination for our design team. Holding fast to the welcoming comfort of symmetry with the bold character of a great host, this style will feel effortless with its details as it showcases collections and style reflective of the dweller.

Dining Room

A larger dining area lined with windows guided our selections to a color palette that features a muted neutral base, adding pops of color and bold pattern where attention should be drawn. Multiple seating areas give the space a more diverse functionality, catering to the love of entertaining with that traditional charm. ⁠

Reminiscent of a garden party. . . this dining area is large enough to support a variety of dining experiences. Creating visual breaks separate the different dining areas while the brick flooring connects the eye to the outside paving.

We love to share our selections! If you want to know more about some of the furniture, fixtures, and accessories you see in this dining space, visit our Sidedoor link.

Home Bar

We loved the idea of a home bar, but the original space was outdated to say the least. Opening the room and creating an intricate ceiling detail makes the space feel larger yet also more intimate. Embracing the vibe of traditional design, we went bold, creating a geometric wood accent at the coffered ceiling paired with a patterned floor tile. A lightly saturated dark blue hue adorns the walls and bar, inviting you to spend time there with friends and family while the frosted mirror shelves bounce light around the room. Comfortable barstools play into the traditional style with tufted leather in a classic color complete the look.

Master Bedroom

Bring a taste of the world into the bedroom with traditional decor, pops of bright color, and interesting collections for an eclectic vibe! With a more neutral base this smaller master feels open, using the vibrant colors from collections and accents to bring pops of color into the space.

This whimsical bedroom is a feast for the eyes, filled with pops of color and unique touches that transport you to far-off lands. Get ready to dream in style and awaken your senses to a truly worldly vibe. 607-traditional-master-bedroom

Like these selections? Check out our Sidedoor link for more information on a few of these items.

Living Room

We created the perfect space to entertain friends and family with this beautiful traditional living room featuring built-in shelves, a warm wood beam ceiling, and subtly romantic, yet timeless, furniture. We're particularly partial to the contrast between wood back of the shelves against the saturated blue and accent tile. The details are what anchors this living room, delicate - yet bold - lighting, contrasting patterns and plenty of collections on display. See something you love? Add some of the pieces you see here to your own space!

We hope you've enjoyed this highlight of our Traditional Style Interior. Stay tuned for next month's project where we'll be highlighting a Mediterranean Style Vacation Rental!

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