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A Global Staycation Dream

Updated: 6 days ago

Discovering the allure of global design without the need to traverse distant lands. Sometimes, the perfect getaway is right in our local area, free from logistical complexities and unknown territories, and still offering a break from the day-to-day monotony. Next time you need to get away, but you're short on time (like so many of us are), look for an adventure close to home!

Vacation rentals are so much fun to work on, when it comes to design anyway...they become a canvas for creative expression - allowing us to break away, and let our creativity shine. This month, we’re immersed in a design concept that seamlessly blends comfort, class, and the authenticity of international travel. Our goal is to create an environment that captivates and soothes the soul, offering our guests a unique escape.

Drawing inspiration from passionate travelers, those who embrace diverse cultures, our design theme encapsulates the essence of a global journey. Indigenous art, furniture, and textiles come together, bringing a piece of the world into a single space. It’s a design that not only calms and uplifts but also invites exploration and moments of peaceful reflection.

Incorporating natural materials and striking elements, our global design is more than aesthetics; it’s a celebration of genuine beauty and skill. Join us in this journey to infuse your space with the spirit of global exploration. #GlobalDesign #DesignInspiration #EscapeLocally

Living Room

Enhancing this living environment by incorporating an element of international elegance. The combination of an Aztec rug, a couch in a gentle caramel shade, and weathered wood details reflects a refined sense of style. The calm ambiance of the textured neutral wall covering serves as a serene canvas for a diverse assortment of curated art and cherished items collected from travels around the globe. Embracing the beauty of different cultures and cherishing timeless grace.

This home-away-from-home provides a staycation experience that gives the illusion of traveling the globe. The collection pieces and furniture contribute to an alluring and captivating atmosphere, creating an ideal getaway.⁠


Spring has sprung (at least in our neck of the woods) and we are all about enjoying the beautiful weather. While our specialty IS interior design, that doesn't mean we don't love giving adjacent outdoor spaces a facelift. This bland, underutilized courtyard is transformed into a brilliant oasis with colorful pavers and plenty of seating (and shade!) where you can sit and enjoy the landscaping.


We understand the curiosity behind the decision to remove all upper cabinets, but in this rental space, it presented an opportunity for enhancement. How often have we encountered vacation rentals cluttered with cabinets filled to the brim? Thus, in this compact kitchen, we opted to create an open, inviting atmosphere by replacing the upper cabinets with exquisite wood shelving. This not only adds a unique touch but also alleviates the crowded feel of the galley. The rich green lower cabinets serve as an anchor, infusing a natural ambiance into the kitchen. Complemented by terracotta tiles in the arched serving nook, the space exudes intentionality and warmth. Additionally, the exquisite quartz countertops introduce fluidity, facilitating seamless movement within the limited space and encouraging guests to explore freely.

Through the strategic elimination of superfluous elements, we have crafted a space that is not only inviting and aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.


Sometimes you travel to a place that is just different...special...something that needs to be highlighted and shared. The entire vacation rental focuses on a global feel, showcasing world travels and inspiring those who stay there to spread their travel wings. With it's calming sage green hues, natural wood and pops of warm colors this bedroom is an homage to a Norwegian adventure - a trip that left quite the impression on the owners of the home. No sense in bringing home all those souvenirs of you don't actually display them!

Thank you for following our design theme this month. Stay updated on our latest design transformations and inspirations by following us on our social media outlets: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.

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