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Urban Elegance

Updated: Apr 24

As we soar through 2024 with summer on the horizon, anticipation builds for those cherished moments with family and friends. Enter our captivating theme: urban living infused with industrial flair, promising a delightful fusion of rugged elegance and spirited charm. Picture unique, artisan-crafted interiors brimming with personality and character, unapologetically showcasing their distinctive allure.

This month, join us as we craft spaces tailored for the spirited hosts, the go-getters, and those who thrive in the company of others. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where energy abounds and sophistication meets a playful edge.

Intertwining urban and industrial elements, we embark on a journey to curate finishes, furniture, lighting, and accessories that will metamorphose each space into a rugged metropolitan utopia.

With careful consideration, our selections will echo the raw authenticity and urban allure characteristic of this distinctive design aesthetic.

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Landing Space

This funky-cool landing area transformed into a cocktail nook sets the stage for a memorable social gathering. With brick walls adorned in weathered graffiti art and unexpected, bold selections, guests are in for an atmosphere that guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Living Room

Sometimes more is more! Full of energy, this living room is all about getting you up and going, infusing your day with good vibes. We combed graphic art, funky seating, and creative lighting, to create a space that reflects bold individuality. Does it speak to you? Then incorporate it!


We went with chill vibes and funky good energy for this master bedroom, using industrial decor and finishes. The pops of yellow, purple, and orange hues indulge free-spirited, down-to-earth souls - the brick wall accent adds depth while the soft drapery headboard lights up and brings a cozy touch to the space. Between the neon lighting and a chic chandelier, we struck the perfect balance between sophisticated and funky.


We're all about ensuring that your ENTIRE home reflects your personality and feels consistent from room to room. This urban-inspired home's kitchen is no exception with it's rich walls, moody cabinets and graphic backsplash, it's a fun area to cook and entertain that feels like an authentic part of a larger space.

Feeling inspired to inject a little personality into your space? Us too! Not quite sure what your style is? Check out our other monthly design highlights like French Country, Boho and Contemporary Coastal, just to name a few. Stay updated on our latest design transformations and inspirations by following us on our social media outlets: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.

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