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French Country

Updated: Mar 30

Effortlessly elegant, French Country interiors embody laid-back sophistication. A confident, "oh yes, life has always been this gorgeous" attitude that draws people in.

Master Bedroom

Introducing our French Country Master Bedroom: a harmonious blend of effortless sophistication and laid-back charm. Rounded edges, traditional patterns, and sensual details create a truly inviting space. Step into a sanctuary that exudes refined vibes, where every aspect is curated to warm your soul. Embrace the beauty of nature as it seamlessly merges with luxurious comfort. Indulge in the allure of French country style, where comfort meets elegance effortlessly.

Master bedroom rendering showing a cream king-sized bed, lightly saturated blue walls, striped drapes and classic molding.
Master Bedroom design inspired by the French Country style highlighting a headboard wall that uses molding to catch and keep your eye's attention.

Living Room

Step into the mesmerizing world of French country design, where elegance meets comfort in the most enchanting way possible. Imagine hosting the most unforgettable social events, surrounded by the finest champagne and immersed in the calming embrace of gray tones and warm, grounding features. Discover a home that effortlessly embodies both beauty and relaxation, creating the perfect ambiance for your gatherings. Get ready to be captivated by the allure of French country design!

Custom drapery, and the detailed medallion that sets off the already elaborate light fixture, make this space beam with elegance and sophistication. The furniture grounds the space with little fuss and simple ornate features that make the space feel inviting and comfortable.

Twin Girls Bedroom

A delightful combination of whimsical touches and sophisticated elements, this bedroom is a haven for twin daughters. Soft hues of pink, peach, and gray effortlessly create a dreamy ambiance. From the charming details to the elegant styling, this bedroom strikes the perfect balance between enchantment and adulthood. Step into a world where playfulness meets sophistication, and let the French country magic unfold in every corner.

Bedroom designed for twin girls with soft pink walls and sophisticated light gray accents.
A dreamy haven fit for twin princesses - laid back royalty at it's very best. Our French country-inspired bedroom combines the perfect blend of feminine softness with elegant gray touches.


Indulge in the allure of timeless beauty and effortless sophistication with a kitchen that epitomizes the perfect blend of function and style. Our exquisite design effortlessly combines practicality and elegance, creating a space where epicurean delights are born and memories are made. Elevate your culinary experience in a setting that transcends time, just like a fine wine.

Kitchen design showing full-length cabinets, subtle neutral colors and drum lights.
Exquisite crown molding, elaborate pillar supports, and sleek full-length cabinet facades - this kitchen is equal parts unassuming and sophisticated.

Dining Room

The soft pastel blue accents and pale pink walls create a serene and sophisticated atmosphere that encourages family and guests to stay and make memories. The distressed wood furniture adds a touch of rustic charm, making this space effortlessly stylish. This dining room has plenty of character but maintains enough visual white space to allow for elaborate place settings to indulge your creativity.

Indulge in the soothing hues of pastel pinks and blues, adorned with subtle patterns that tell stories of refined taste.

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