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Industrial Style Loft - Sample Full Service Design Project

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Curious about how our Full Service Design process? You're in the right spot! We've used this loft space as a sample project so clients can see how we work as Interior Designers and what our custom Design Files look like so you can visualize how the process will work for your space. Peruse the photos, dive into the Design Files and when you're ready, fill out a contact form so we can chat about your specific project.

Once we've determined the size and scope of your project, we'll work with you to determine your design style. Some people know exactly what they want, others have no idea - both are totally okay! We're here to help guide you but it helps us if you share your favorite inspiration photos. Pinterest, Houzz, photos from friends or family, all of it is useful. From there we'll create a mood board that will help ground the design and inform the decisions we make together.

We design each space separately, but we don't design in a vacuum. For us, one of the most important aspects is that the entire home feel cohesive. Our material boards show you how the finishes, furniture and accessories we recommend visually relate to one another both within a single room but also how each room relates to one another.

Living Room

The requests for this living room was for it to be "manly but still have chairs that are comfortable". We worked with this urban space and its exposed ceilings and concrete floors - the perfect industrial style foundation - and leaned into those existing elements, using leather, linen and other natural fabrics to soften the strong lines.


A cohesive design is even more important when you're working with an open living concept. We pulled a variety of blue hues with a mix of patterns and textures into this open kitchen to make the transition from the living room, a seamless one. Although there are different entertainment zones, the space needs to feel united and welcoming. This kitchen has a great balance between warm and cool elements, making it perfect for our industrial/masculine style - complimenting the living room.


Comfort is always in the forefront of our minds when we design, but it's exponentially more important when it comes to the bedroom. Industrial style doesn't mean everything is hard surfaces and dark colors - we continued the lighter treatment of the brick from the kitchen upstairs and brightened the space even more with light filtering drapes and a custom mirrored headboard that will reflect light to make the space feel larger. Plush, but unfussy bedding makes you want to spend all day in bed while the leather accent chair and floor lamp add strong strokes of masculinity.

Office Space

People are working from home, that’s our new way of life, and having a dedicated space to call “The Office” is important for productivity. Our multi-use furniture, large storage for business materials, and tranquil use of natures tones mixed with repetitive pattern, create a supportive atmosphere that feels organized and ready to handle your workload.

Now that you've seen a sample home with different size scope design files you have a better idea how the process works. Our Full Service Design projects generally cost between $1800 -$4800 in design fees depending on the size and scope of the specific project. Regardless of the scope, every project we work with includes: - fixed design fee (no hourly surprises!) - your budget for project execution - design concept timeline - exactly what will be included in your final Design File (material boards, recommended furniture, fixtures, accessories and finishes, sketches and renderings, specifications and shop drawings as needed) The design magic takes between 4-6 weeks with plenty of communication back and forth so you're involved in the process and confident in the direction your design is going. After our final meeting we'll digitally deliver your custom Design File but don't worry, if you have any questions or need help, we're here for you! Ready to turn your house into your dream home? Lets get started!

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