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Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Japandi might be making the rounds as an up-and-coming trend, but the style has been around for much longer than social media would let on. This month we'll be sharing how we bring aspects of the iconic Japanese and Scandinavian styles together to create something unique.

This post contains affiliate links that Red Designed Interiors may receive a commission from should you choose to order something we suggest - rest assured we only recommend items we personally hand-pick!

A breath of fresh air, the Japandi style places value on the idea that less is more. Rooms designed in this aesthetic are simple due to the fact that they are uncluttered and that minimalist approach creates a calming experience.

Emphasizing clean lines, neutral colors and natural materials these interiors have the power to make you feel calm and at ease. Functional pieces and minimal décor means you must select quality furniture and finishes. Focus on craftsmanship to create a solid foundation that will stand on it's own without the need for additional embellishment.


Step into a world of serenity and tranquility with our dreamy bedroom retreat! Immerse yourself in soft hues, cozy textures, and soothing ambiance that will instantly relax your soul. Get ready to unwind and escape the chaos of the day – your ultimate comfort awaits! See the individual pieces here!

Dining Room

Don't believe for a second that neutral has to mean boring! Ensuring the palette has a range of tints and shades means the room reads as sophisticated and relaxing, never flat. Adding in subtle patterns and textures like the drapery and kitchen backsplash creates a multi-dimensional appearance. Our favorite design feature? The sculptural wood pendant light that anchors the entire corner of this open dining and kitchen area, clearly defining the space.

Love this dining room and it's furnishings? See the pieces here!


A Japandi style kitchen with modern black accents, and quartz countertops ground the neutral space. With natural selections, and a mix of texture and pattern the color palette feels more playful, making the kitchen tasks more enjoyable and perfect for entertaining.

With extra work space and an open vibe this smaller kitchen now feels welcoming and delightful.

Check out these barstools!

Living Room

We all need a little more room sometimes. Check out how we were able to create a larger living space by opening up a portion of the wall (for added storage too), and draping the walls and ceiling in the same color paint. The soft warm hue takes advantage of the natural light, making this living space feel relaxing, brighter, and more spacious - a big living room feel that will make you feel like you've gained extra square footage.

Adding a mixture of textures and pattern give this neutral color palette dimension and depth, creating a warm and well thought out living space.

Love all these Living room selections? See the pieces here!

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